Neck Joint or Ghost Mannequin Effect

Neck Joint or Ghost Mannequin Effect is a process where we can remove the human body or the mannequin and fill the removed parts of the product from another image source. This is mainly applicable on garment products If you have the front part and the back part, we can combine the two parts to create a real object using the ghost mannequin effect.

Maacc Retouch has a wide experienced team who are working on this service for last 10 years.  There are different types of Ghost mannequin effect.

Two in One:

In this case there are combining two parts of the garment into one part. The front part from one image and the Neck part from another image. This service also include removing background from the image and make it white or transparent.

Two in One
Three in One

Three in One:

Here we combine three different parts of a garment into one single image. It can be like the front part, Neck part and the bottom inside part. These three makes one single real shaped image of the garment product.

Liquefying and crinkles removing:

Generally there use to be a lot of crinkles while taking photos of garment products on human body or one the mannequin. Those are not in perfect shaped as well.  Our expert designers are able to remove those crinkles and reshape it by liquefying the product make it looks presentable on your website or e-bay.

Liquefying and crinkles removing