Image Masking or Hair Masking

Image Masking is also known as Photoshop Masking or Clipping Mask or Hair Masking.  Such service allows us to remove the background from the images where there are huge outlines with huge turns and curves. Due to the complexity of such images it is not possible to apply clipping path here. Images of Human hair or products with fur are very difficult to make clipping path. In such images we apply Image Masking so that each and every detail is preserved.

Layer Mask:

The demand of Photoshop layer masking service is increasing day by day in the image processing era. Maacc Retouch is very handy at the photo masking service.
Hide or Show all the details of the image
Change or even fully restore the images
Provides absolutely clear and well defined image

Layer Mask
Alpha Channel Mask

Alpha Channel Mask:

Maacc Retouch also provides Photoshop Alpha Channel Masking or Soft Masking.  It is also known as Raster Masking in Adobe Photoshop and done by using CMYK, RGB also various other channels. Alpha Chanel Masking is very useful for translucent or semi-transparent images like glasses, smoke, flames, fireworks, lighting, hairs, fur, feathers, etc. as it’s a very useful method of giving color contrast to the pixels for making a mask.