Photo Background Removal Services

Photo background removal service is one of the most popular service provided by MaaccRetouch. This service also known as photo cut out service. In this service most of our clients want their photos on a pure white backdrop or  remove photo from background and put it on a transparent background so that they can put their products in any backdrop. We able to process more than 500 files in 24 hours for this sort of edits. Price for the background removal service starts from US$0.40 and up to US$5.00 per image depending on image complexity. We also work on Flat Price for our clients those are comfortable with it. We have shown how the image complexity works below.

Simple Photo Cutout Service:

In simple photo cut out we count those product photos which   are too easy to remove the background from the photo. Mostly products like square shape, round shape with less detail which takes not more than 5 minutes to remove background in photoshop.

Simple Photo Cutout Service
Medium Complex Photo Cutout Service

Medium Complex Photo Cutout Service:

Those products take not more the than 15 minutes to cut it off the backround  from the image, we consider them as medium complex images.  Products like  T-shirt, Furniture, toys, products those have medium details are fitted in  medium complex photo cut out.

Complex Photo Cutout:

Those Images take more than 30 minutes to cut out the background. Products like flowers with leaves, Cycle, motor bike, jewelry chain, etc, mostly the products with more details are counted as complex photo cut out.

Complex Photo Cutout
Photo Cut Out for Hair Or Fur

Photo Cut Out for Hair Or Fur:

Those images contain hair or fur mostly the person images or the product images with fur need to cut out. We apply masking to remove background for this sort of images. The price has been given here, only for one person. If the number of people increases, the price will increase as well.