Shadow Making Services

No one wants to see their images are floating in the air. Maacc Retouch Provides all type of shadow making services to look your images natural. There are different types of shadows like Natural/Original Shadow, Drop Shadow and Mirror/Reflection Shadow.



Natural/Original Shadow:

Most of the images have a Natural shadow under or behind the subject according to the lighting system. Our expert designers are able to use the natural shadow by isolating it so that it can be used in all the backgrounds.

Natural/Original Shadow
Drop Shadow

Drop Shadow:

In case your original image doesn’t have any natural shadow, we can create a drop shadow under the subject so that subject looks natural not floating. If your image got a drop shadow it will look good in your web shop also it will increase the visibility of that product. Also a drop shadow brings some 3D look to the image.

Reflection/Mirror Shadow:

Adding a reflection shadow or mirror Shadow creates the illusion of image depth also adds to the overall realism of the image. In some cases natural and drop shadow doesn’t work properly or if we add reflection or mirror shadow products might look more attractive.

Reflection/Mirror Shadow