Photoshop Clipping Path Services

Maacc Retouch provides clipping path services completely manually using the pen tool of Photoshop. The reason we do manual clipping path is to ensure the precise clipping path service with high quality work productivity. With the pen tool, our expert designers are able to make paths and remove backgrounds without changing or removing a single pixel in the image. We divide our clipping path service into 5 categories of complexity, which are Simple, Medium, and Complex, Super complex and Multi path or color path.

Simple Clipping Path:

Simple clipping path are those which are too simple to make paths. Products like round shaped and square without any details are considered as simple products. Generally these sorts of images take 1-5 minutes.

Simple Clipping Path
Medium Clipping Path

Medium Clipping Path:

Medium photo Clipping service is those which are a bit complex than the simple ones. Products like T-shirts and other with less detail are considered as medium complexity images. These images take 6-15 minutes to make clipping path.

Complex Clipping Path:

Images like flowers with few leaves are considered as Complex images. These are much more complex than the medium images and takes 20-40 minutes to work on.

Complex Clipping Path
Super Complex Clipping Path

Super Complex Clipping Path:

These are the most complex images to work on. Images of cycle or motor bikes, trees, jewelry with chains with insides are the ones which take too much time to make clipping path. Such images take around 1 hour to up to 2 hours.

Multi Path or Color Path:

Sometimes we need to make multipath in one product images for changing colors or other works. In such files there is more than one path. We use to make multipath according to our valuable clients instruction and job descriptions.

Multi Path or Color Path