Re-coloring or Color Correction

Re-Coloring or Color Correction is a sort of creative work. Designers of Maacc Retouch are vastly experienced of such serives. Following are the two different types of works.

Color Correction:

The main purpose of color correction is to make the image looking better. We need to adjust each and every color that can show the real color but also can attract the buyers of the product.  By working on Saturations, curves and White balance we can adjust the color of the image. It helps to adjust the color contrast also it sharpens the color tone. Maacc Retouch team is highly experienced on such works.

Color Correction


Recoloring is process where we can change the color of any product or part of product into a completely different color. This process is ideal for the photographers. If there are same product is different colors then the Photographer can take only one picture of that product and he can recolor it into all the other colors. We are also doing this type of works on a regular basis by maintaining the quality.